Mothers, grandmothers, etc. of the Dallas barrios were the backbone of the community. They kept the home in order and the family on track. They were strong, courageous women that selflessly placed the needs of their family ahead of their own day after day. The countless meals they made for la familia. No one else cooked like Mom. To this day, we long for those meals. Although, the barrios of those days have diminished,... we still have those precious memories. On Sunday, May 14, 2017, we will honor our mother and grandmothers in DMAHL’s first online Facebook exhibit. As mentioned in previous posts, we seek those nostalgic photo memories of your mothers, grandmothers, etc. in the barrio from 1940s - 1960s. To submit your photo for consideration in the exhibit, email it to Susan P Vega, DMAHL Communications Chairperson at no later than midnight, Friday, May 12. Within your email, please include the names of the persons in the image, a brief description of the photo, and the name of barrio represented. The DMAHL Facebook page is a public forum. By submitting the photos for consideration to the exhibit, you agree to allow DMAHL to use the photo entry for future exhibits and/or publications by DMAHL. Direct any inquiries regarding photos and the exhibit to Susan P Vega at

Dallas Mexican American Historical League (DMAHL) is committed to the collection, documentation and preservation of the historical and cultural experiences of Mexican Americans in Dallas, Texas beginning from 1900. Thank you in advance for your photos and memories of your mothers and el barrio. We greatly appreciate your generosity for sharing them and the opportunity to allow DMAHL to document them in Dallas Mexican American history.

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