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Join DMAHL for $25 a year to help achieve DMAHL’s mission of preserving Mexican American history in Dallas, Texas. 

Membership Levels

  • Student ($5)

  • Individual ($25)

  • Corporate ($500)

Lifetime Membership 

  • Individual ($300)

If you would like to become more active, join a committee and as an active member, you can be nominated for a board position. We welcome you to attend our monthly meetings held on the last Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. - Noon. Please reach out to Albert Valtierra at in order to receive the Zoom link for monthly meetings as we are "gathering" virtually. 


Membership benefits include: 

  • 􏰀  Helping to preserve the history of the Dallas barrios.

  • 􏰀  Be a part of collecting the oral history of early Mexican American settlers in Dallas, Texas.

  • 􏰀  Collect photos from your family, veterans and organizations.

  • 􏰀  Share this history with the Dallas community at exhibit venues.


Would you rather renew or join by mail?

Complete the membership form and send it to the address below along with your payment:

DMAHL Membership

PO Box 181885

Dallas, TX 75218

In Recognition and With Appreciation - DMAHL Lifetime Members

Frank Bravo

"I am a lifetime member of DMAHL because my parents, Mary Ann Nolasco, Marcelo J. Bravo, my grandparents, Virginia Bravo, Socorro López, Jesús G. Nolasco, as well as great-grandparents, Juan López and Anita Sosa all lived in the Barrio of Little México. Remember that any wealth or success you achieve, others have paved the path for you and these are a few of my ancestors who have done that for our family."

CEG pic 2020H100.jpeg
Dr. Catalina Garcia

"Because USA history, in the main, is recounted from the majority population’s point of view, the existence and contributions of the different groups /ethnicities that actually make up our country go untold and undocumented for posterity. I realized that DMAHL was making an important contribution to preserving the history of the Hispanic/Latino inhabitants of 

Dallas so I have eagerly supported and applauded all the actions, time and energy put forth by its membership. Without this organization, there would be a huge omission in the history of Dallas county."

Bill Betzen

"It is obvious DMAHL is led by dedicated historians. I saw that repeatedly as I attended Board meetings. Their work reinforced the family history recording my middle school students were exploring and recording since 2005 in the School Time Capsule Project at Quintanilla Middle School. Now Quintanilla is among the 3 highest achieving middle schools in Dallas ISD. That is the power of history."

All DMAHL Lifetime Members

Ruben A. Arellano

Jorge Baldor

Bill Betzen

Hasani Burton

Gloria Bowden

Frank Bravo

Roberto Calderon, PhD

Mary Elizabeth Cedillo Pereira

David Contreras

Victoria Ferrell Ortiz 

Paul Fuller 

Catalina E. Garcia, M.D.

Rocio C. Garcia

Trini Garza - In Memorium

Albert J. Gonzalez

Frances M. Gonzalez

Elizabeth Gunby

Rosemary Valtierra Hinojosa

Augustine Jalomo

Delia Jasso

Albert Mata

Alex Martinez

Robert Martinez

Richard A. Marquez

Virginia McClary Martinez

Ernestina Pinoñes

​Ray Quintanilla

Robert Ramirez

Maria Cristina Romero

Lydia Delgado Simpson

Jesse Tafalla Jr. - In Memorium

Nellie Tafalla

David Treviño

Albert Valtierra 

Susan P. Vega



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